Outreach Ministry


World-Wide Missions

Timberline Baptist Church is a missions-minded church. We currently support 31 missionaries who are taking the gospel of Christ throughout the world. These missionaries are supported through and sent by local independent Baptist churches. The members of Timberline Baptist have made the financial support of global evangelization a high priority.

In addition to foreign missions, Timberline Baptist is continually involved in helping to establish new independent Baptist churches around the United States.

Bus Ministry

Hundreds of children, adults, and families are brought to church each year through the bus ministry. Many of these children are underprivledged, and the love of Christ that they receive through the bus ministry is the highlight of their week. This ministry is staffed by volunteer Christians who love people. To be a part or to help get someone a ride to church, call us today!

For more information about the Bus Ministry please call John Coulliette at (503) 625-9956.

Soul Winning Outreach

Since 2001, thousands of people have trusted Christ as their personal Savior through our services, classes, and ministries. Each week many of our members participate in volunteer community outreach throughout Washington and Yamhill Counties. Each soul winning consists of a brief testimony time, partnering with an experienced Christian, and time spent visiting and reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ.

Prayer Line Ministry

We have prayed through many crisis and illnesses in our church and surrounding area. And have been known to receive long distance phone calls requesting prayer. Our ministry is one of service and prayer. If you have a prayer request and would like our church family to begin praying immediately, please give us a call.

Please contact Kellie Buckwalter between 8 am and 9 pm.

Telephone: (503) 625-9956 Ext. 104      Email: kellieb@timberlinebaptist.net